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Tracking your Insurance COIs.
Efficiently. Securely.

Powerful certificate tracking system that scans, reads, captures
and organizes items automatically

Why COI Tracker ?

The importance of collecting, verifying and reporting on Certificates of Insurance (COIs) is not exciting nor glamorous. Regardless of its lack of appeal, it is a critical aspect of any organization to reduce the risks of claims and lawsuits that can be damaging to the business. With COI Tracker, we take the struggle and frustration out of the collection and verification of COIs for you. We do one thing and one thing exceptionally well… track COIs for your business. With our full-service COI tracking solution, we promise you this:

  • No longer will you waste hours making calls, playing phone tag and sending the same e-mail five times requesting certificates
  • No longer will you get frustrated with managing renewal dates in an Excel file
  • Your compliance of verified on hand COIs for your vendors/subcontractors will increase
  • Your requirements will be enforced with every COI received
  • You can remove “checking renewal dates” from your calendar and tasks, because we are taking care of that for you
  • Vendors and subcontractors will tell you that using COI Tracker to submit their COIs is easy and simple
  • Even though our system automates everything, if you ever need to call us, we will be available and make you a priority
  • Our solution really works: You will lower your costs, reduce your risks and increase your compliance

COI Tracker, LLC is a 100% women-owned business and has strong relationships with industry leaders such as RIMS, ACORD and AM Best.



FREE and easy migration

Regardless if you are using another tracking solution or have your current COIs in house in a file cabinet, our onboarding process is extremely stress-free.
pricing budget

Pricing that matches your budget

If you want to go month-to-month, great. If you are looking to pay yearly, even better and we offer a discount.
collection process

You are DONE with the collection process

You are no longer sending e-mails or making frustrating phone calls trying to chase down certificates. Our seamless and automated process will take care of the collection from start to finish!
coi request and collection

COI requests and collection how you want

We offer e-mail, fax and even phone calls to collect COIs on your behalf, and work with your vendors to ensure they are able to send them hassle-free back to us.
coi review and validation

Review/validation of the COI

When the COI comes through, we OCR the information and verify that your requirements are fully met, including insurance types, dollar amounts, named insured, and even AM Best Rating.
coi reporting

Reporting that makes you look like a hero

We provide you and your team access to run any standard or custom report based on your needs, as well as the ability to pull a COI at any time. Honestly, the vast majority of our clients never login and have their custom automated reports sent to them and their managers, so all stakeholders are fully aware of compliance levels and potentials risks

Integration with your existing systems

One thing we have learned is that vendors and subcontractors LOVE to get paid. With our system’s open platform (API), we can securely integrate with your organization’s ERP or financial system, and flag non-compliant parties from getting paid
cloud based coi

100% cloud-based

The COI Tracker solution is 100% cloud-based so there is no system for you to manage or maintain
coi security

Security at the highest level

Our system is designed with the highest security in mind, so that your data is encrypted at all stages of data collection and storage