6 Best Features Every COI Tracker Should Have

Having a superstar COI Tracker that performs everything from A to Z is one of the best things you can do for your business/project. And the best COI Tracker isn’t just the most popular choice, it resolves every bit of issue you encounter with the tracking, scanning, and recording of COIs, too. But which features make up what you would call the best COI Tracker? We’ve listed down a few useful features that you can check through during your own search…

Eliminates manmade error  

Humans, in general, are the main origins of most of the errors in COIs. The wrong comprehension can lead to minor to major issues around your certificates, causing the people involved to exert more time and effort to resolve the problem. The use of an automated system excludes the need for humans to input data manually.

Automated review / validation

The validation and review of your COIs need to be 100% accurate each time. And without the need for manual input, it’s faster and easier to get the scanning and data recording done. A good COI Tracker will have OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that can make accurate scans happen. With OCR technology, character codes are digitized and later transcribed into a machine-readable format, thus simplifying the data input process. This process also makes it easy to review certificates, allowing for quick searches and organized data storage.

Quick and easy onboarding process

Whether you were using a different system for your COI tasks before or not, an effective COI Tracker will be able to integrate your previous work to the new system. Migrating old files can be done in ease, enabling a stress-free migration.

Dependable cloud-based storage

If your COI tracking system doesn’t have a cloud-based storage option, then it’s probably time to look elsewhere that offers it. Sure, traditional data storage is still dependable, but cloud storage has so much more to offer in terms of security and ease in access. And sharing files is made much more convenient when they’re on the cloud. Files stored on the cloud are safeguarded against external factors as well such as natural disasters or errors caused by the humans involved. This feature allows for the easy recovery of files through a digital backup that can’t be destroyed by external factors.

Top-of-the-line security

A COI Tracker without a fool-proof security system isn’t the most dependable one. Look for a system that prioritizes not just the process of scanning and storing data, but a system that makes sure that every step is secure as well.

Automated renewal notices

Tired of calling, emailing, mailing, and eventually forgetting to ask your client about a certificate that needs to be reviewed? A good COI Tracker doesn’t let you do all the work on your own, it helps you store, organize, and even send reminders of certificates that need immediate attention for expiration, missing requirements, and even renewal. This system will not only remind you but communicate with the client as well. They can do this through email, fax, calls, and the occasional snail mail. For any COI tasks, your best shot it to find a highly dependable COI tracking system that does the heavy lifting and reminding tasks for you.
It is no question that having a top quality COI Tracker that automatically handles ALL your COI-related tasks is something every company wants and should have. Experience the benefits of having ease in gathering COI data, storage, and overall COI security with a system that puts your business/project first.