Just how much paper do you use up using an archaic certificate of insurance collection methods? With the move to lessen our carbon footprint, doesn’t it seem logical for your company to join in the Save the World movement? How can you do that with the COI tracker?

Well, here’s how.

Now before we begin though, you have to understand that there are a lot of things you as a company can affect the world in a positive way. Using the COI tracker software is just one of those ways. And although it may seem unlikely, using our software can actually help you affect the world in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Take for example just lessening your consumption of paper products. Because everything is handled digitally, you can, in theory, cut your wastage by 60-70%. Think of all the trees saved just by using the COI tracker software.

That’s just the start.

Here’s more:

Lessen your power consumption

It’s no secret; using the old methods in collecting certificates of insurance required a lot of power. You have people coming in just to ensure there is a proper collection of documents, encoding it into your system, checking and proofreading, and the list goes on just to make sure you have the right COI in your hands.

That does not take into account any corrections, resubmissions, repetition of the abovementioned tasks.

Your company is probably spending 200-400% on electricity alone than if you had the COI tracker software. Unless you’re operating with solar panels, this means you’re using up a lot of fossil fuels. Even if you are using solar panels, that still takes up a lot of resources to create these energy-saving devices.

Don’t get me started on salaries and other production costs just to get that certificate of insurance in your hands.

Increase your productivity

If you take into consideration lessening the manpower involved in the collection and documentation of COIs, then you already know that your productivity increases at least threefold. We’re talking about a task that essentially only needs one to people instead of 8 or more.

It’s a win-win situation. You get to allocate more manpower to other essential tasks rather than dedicate a lot of your staff to a task that one or two risk managers can handle.

Decrease your overhead

Using less power, buying less equipment, and needing lesser people to complete a task are ultimately going to translate into a lower overhead for your company.

It’s safe to say that the COI tracker software pays for itself with the savings incurred after the acquisition of the product. After the initial investment has been paid off, everything else you save can be considered part of your profit, income, or savings and become part of your usable finances.

Have enough resources and manpower for other activities

You’ve freed up your resources. You’ve freed up your manpower.

What now?

The sky’s the limit.

With more resources in your hands, you can now increase your marketing or production activities. You can also use it for equipment acquisition that will help increase productivity in the workplace. You can even use those resources to improve your facilities to promote a healthy and enjoyable workspace.

Having more people at your disposal also increases the potential to create teams dedicated to tasks that can increase your profits, modes of income, marketing, workplace efficiency, and the list goes on. You decide where their talents are the best fit inside your organization to produce the results you want.

Affect the carbon footprint of your vendors and contractors

No business operates in a vacuum. Things you are doing that effect you positively are sure to be noticed by your industry partners.

Showing them how the COI tracker software is making your life easier is going to make them appreciate partnering up with you.

And when they start using the COI tracker software, the same benefits you get out of it are going to be passed on to them.

Give yourself a pat on the back; you’ve just doubled your efforts in making the world a better place through efficient leveraging by introducing the software to your industry partners.

Spread awareness of your brand

With all this talk about making the world a better place, is it really necessary for your company to take part in this movement? Well, yes, definitely. You see, your business operates in the same world that’s being affected by our actions. How can you continue to profit if it does not exist or there are too many problems associated with the environment rather than your business?

You can even put a positive spin on this by making your customers aware of your environmental concerns. Environmental awareness and making positive contributions to the Save the World movement as a marketing tool sends a very powerful message.

It has the potential to bring more customers into your scope of influence. It can also turn your existing customers into ambassadors of your brand.

All of these are because you decided to embrace the new way of collecting certificates of insurance through the COI Tracker software.

Call us idealistic but COI Tracker is here to make the world a better place

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, it sounds idealistic, but if everyone pitches in, the world becomes a better place to live in. It produces happier people. Happier people tend to appreciate everything around them. This appreciation has the potential to turn into sales or conversion for your company directly or indirectly.

Make the world a better place, use the COI Tracker software as a tool for increasing your productivity and efficiency and help spread the word to your industry partners, vendors, contractors, and customers. And if they ask why, you could always come back to this article to give them more incentive to join you in helping make the world a better place.

So, are you ready to do your part for the environment? Start using the COI tracker software today!

To learn more, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to attend to your questions if you haven’t found the answers in our FAQ section yet.