Commercial Property Management is a risky business. A theft encounter is going to be your worst nightmare. Assume that someone has robbed all your equipment and left your place in shambles.

Of course, there are numerous strategies to prevent this from happening. This includes CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and fencing.

However, in spite of all your best efforts to keep your property safe, there is a really good chance that someone might still rob you.

This is exactly where an insurance policy will save your day. A good insurance policy should help you recover from thefts and re-launch your business really fast.


1. Protects You Against Employee Dishonesty


People are so used to seeing thefts in movies and assume this is exactly how it would happen in real life. An act of burglary will not always involve robbers who come smashing through your doors with masks on their faces.

Although this is still a possibility, most attacks come from within. They lay right beneath your nose and you still may not be noticing it.

There is a recent report that states businesses in Canada are losing more than 1.4 billion dollars every year due to employee thefts. Good commercial property insurance covers employee dishonesty and credit card forgeries.


2. Safeguards Your Commercial Automobiles


Most business owners are so concerned with what is inside their premises. They lose track of all their property that is outside. The vehicles that you use for your business are also under a huge risk of burglary.

Commercial Property Management often involves the use of vehicles at least to help with your employees’ transit.

You may again assume that your normal auto insurance will cover theft charges but you are wrong. If your business owns the vehicle, you must opt for commercial auto insurance to keep them safe.


3. Covers Business Interruption


Losing equipment and merchandise to theft is bad news enough. Nevertheless, imagine the impact that such an event could have on your business.

In such cases, you may not be able to resume doing business until the stolen property is returned or replaced. Commercial property management can suffer a much severe toll.

Assume that your property’s front entrance was damaged. You may not be able to bring your customers in until you get it fixed. You will lack funds to support your normal operational expenses.

If you do not have insurance that covers business interruption, you may not be able to recover financially.


4. Offers Extensive Property Theft Coverage


Canadian businesspersons lose over 4.8 billion dollars to organized retail crime theft. If you happen to lose any of your property to theft, your commercial property insurance should be capable of replacing it.

It should also be protecting you against the losses that your business may encounter due to events like this. The policy should be protecting your building with all the property that is inside of it. This includes furniture, windows, machinery, electronics, etc.


5. Protection Against Vandalism


There is a good chance for your property to stumble in between a riot or a crisis. In such cases, perpetrators might damage your property and all its belongings.

Even though none of your property is being stolen, they have probably been broken beyond the point of repair.

Although this is not exactly an act of burglary, the effects that it has on your business is pretty much the same. Make sure that your property insurance can protect you and your property against Vandalism.




If you need a deeper understanding of how this works, read this blog: Five reminders on how to manage the certificate of insurance for your commercial real estate property

Most property owners do not consider the chances of such hostile events to occur. One small damage to a commercial property could result in a huge loss that you will have to pay off from your pockets.

If you are not proactive, your business and your properties could suffer a huge blow to their heads. Without insurance, you will take forever to recover from thefts. Be upfront with your insurance provider and make sure that your plan has theft coverage.


If this still sounds complicated to you, you can schedule a free demonstration with our COI Tracking expert who can simplify things for you.