Manual COI tracking is a painstaking process that requires many hours to keep tons of papers organized, many hours to review forms, endorsements, and waivers, as well as a process to maintain it all.  If managed properly, you could direct these resources for your personal and business development. 

With COI tracker, you do not have to spend hours in front of excel sheets trying to manage renewal dates.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has a multitude of advantages, forms the base over which our entire COI tracking system stands firm and tall. 

Every area of risk is analyzed and sealed making sure you receive the best value for the money you pay. 

1. State-of-the-art security & encryption

You need to have absolute secure server spaces to manage your certificates of insurance digitally. The major upside of integrating AWS into our system is its ability to provide top-notch security and encryption. 

With AWS, you can be sure that there are going to be no information leaks and data thefts. The secure framework and built-in firewalls that AWS has to offer makes it one of the best tools that you can get your hands on. 

2. Scale-up & down in a minute’s notice

The infrastructure capacity that you need for managing the COIs is ever changing. This is exactly why it is best to have a cloud-based AWS system in play, which is both scalable and secure. 

With AWS, you can stop guessing your required server space and gain access to as much or as little server capacity as you please. 

It would help you save a great deal of time in your pre-planning stages as you can now scale-up and down in a swift manner. 

3. Almost infinite server capacity

Storing such crucial information in a limited hard disk is a huge risk and it is not a smart move. Tracking certificates of insurance is so demanding at times. A large and robust system is key to maintain an accurate record.

You may need unlimited bandwidth to process and filter all that information. AWS is a cloud-based platform that allows us to expand and grow without having to worry about failure or service disruption. 

This is also the reason why almost a million global entities currently use AWS. 

4. Incredibly rigid & super-fast framework

While handling certificates of insurance, your needs and requirements are going too constantly, evolve. It is super important to work with a framework that can handle huge loads and still function effectively. 

AWS is a global network and it currently has clients from over 190 nations. It has more than 12 operational data centers around the world. 

Speed is an absolute guarantee when you are working with AWS and their infrastructure is getting more rigid with every passing day. 

5. Saves you a great deal of money

If data security is your focus, you have to invest a huge sum of money and time in racking, stacking, and powering servers of your own. Your expenses do not just stop there. 

You need to burn so much cash in temporary intervals to troubleshoot your servers and to maintain them. 

Employing a cloud-based system like AWS would let you direct all your resources into your business. It is time you quit spending on server infrastructures.

6. Extremely flexible & adaptable

If you own a small business on a stringent budget and want to avoid paying a fortune for server-space, AWS is for you. 

Instead of paying for the entire service at once, you can pay on a ‘per-use’ basis while using our AWS-powered platform. 

The Auto-scaling feature of AWS self-adjusts the framework based on your current traffic. You do not have to track or calculate your requirements beforehand. 

7. Constant innovation & new tools

Apart from its impressive pricing, AWS has shown great commitment to innovation over the years. This is one of the major reasons for them having all major tech brands on their clientele. 

What started as a cloud-based computing platform eventually expanded to over 70 other services.

This includes databases, analytics, and networking.  AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which truly can provide as a one-stop-shop that is ready to serve anyone.  This gives an affordable option that is ready when you need it.


More than 2000 public agencies and 5000 educational institutions currently use the services that AWS offers. Over the years, it earned its place of being one of the top 4 cloud-service companies.

With AWS, small and medium-sized companies can get the best possible support for their budget.

You have no better option to manage your certificates of insurance rather than using a cloud-based service like AWS.